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The Ready to Go Online Businesses are delivered as actual businesses, ready to accept online orders. The e-commerce businesses include African-Caribbean groceries, barbers, hair stylists and hair care products, and body care products.

These businesses were chosen because of their strategic importance to the Black Community and with the exception of hair styling, have been heavily dominated by business owners from other racial communities.

This is a clear sign that the Black Community requires support and direction to achieve this first stage of economic sufficiency of producing within the community the basic products and services which the community needs. The lending practices of the major financial institutions have greatly contributed to this inequity.

Our Donations program empowers underprivileged youths by providing them with online businesses that cater to the specific needs of the Black Community and in so doing match the underemployed capacity of Black Youths to the supply of goods and services which are of strategic importance to the Black Community. This will enable the individuals in the program as well as the Black Community to prosper!

Our Ready-to-Go Online Businesses are Game Changers! Our program also offers critical technology training in online e-commerce and marketing and advertising support.

Ready to Go Online Black Hair Products and Stylists Business

by Karen

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Market Need: This e-commerce platform is a must for all Black Hairdressers. This is a great opportunity to start or grow your own business. The website supports online booking of hairdressing services as well as the sale of Black Women’s hair products, such as braiding hair and extensions and wigs, and accessories such as hair treatments and products.

Business Model: This e-commerce business model supports offering remote services where clients book online and Black hairdressers travel to provide their services to the clients at an agreed location. This is an extension of the traditional model of providing hairdressing services from one geographical location. Remote services enable the business owner to contract with local service providers to provide remote services in various localities and achieve the impact of having a physical store in various locations, without the added overhead costs. This also provides time-saving benefits for customers who no longer have to travel long distances to a business location. 

Over $50, 000 in value: We have provided working examples of each type of business on the following e-commerce platforms:,,, and Complete e-commerce platforms similar to our Ready to Go Online Businesses can cost more than $50,000 and will take a lot of time and input from the client to finalize. With a Ready to Go Online Business the business owner can start selling almost right away. Hundreds of hours have gone into the creation of each of the online businesses and a further 20 hours of customization of pictures and design is provided for each business, to ensure that each e-commerce platform is unique and suits the client’s preferences.

Complete e-commerce solution: We provide a complete e-commerce solution that includes search engine optimization of the website to enable products to appear in search results. We provide supply chain support to help source products to sell on the platform. We also provide marketing and advertising plans which each business owner can customize by identifying their target market location to implement their marketing and advertising strategies. After finalizing the marketing and advertising plan, we help to implement the strategy. We also provide hosting and maintenance of the website for a flat fee or a small percentage of the monthly sales.

Additional services: To finalize and deliver the Ready to Go Online Business we require the client to provide their additional design customizations and images which they want to use to further customize their online business and to create product listings. A Black Business Consultant is assigned to assist the business owner to successfully launch their business and can provide additional services such as product sourcing, obtaining additional images, designing and creating product labels, and creating product listings. We will also provide business incorporation services as part of this package at an additional cost of $200 to cover the government fee.

The online Black Hair Products and Stylists platform has the following features:
Well Designed User Interface
-A user-friendly interface that allows users to easily browse through the products and find what they need
-An automated ordering system
-Electronic payment options for easy, secure checkout, such as Paypal, Mastercard, and Visa
-Customers can choose at-home service or at an agreed location
– allows feedback to be obtained from customers, which could be helpful in business improvement and supports growth.
– SEO optimized for search engines to bring about increased sales through organic traffic.
–  Compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.
Easy to Manage
-Add products to the store with ease
-Make changes to products and pricing
-Manage inventory
-Add photos of products
-Set up branding, including logo and color scheme
-We provide 5 hours of training in the use of this system


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